The Astounding Illustrated History of Fantasy & Horror

Companion title to The Astounding Illustrated History of Science Fiction this new book reflects the same roots in Gothic literature but follows a complementary path through the 20th century, to the movies of Peter Jackson, the success of streaming TV series such as Grimm, and the fantasy of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

From the wellspring of Frankenstein, Germanic fairy tales, and heroic, epic myths a dark and fantastic path can be found to the fragmentation of the 1930s: the schlock horror of early modern movies, the invention of High Fantasy by Tolkien and fellow Inkling C.S. Lewis, and the pulp magazine powerhouse Weird Tales with Robert E. Howard’s sword and sorcery archetype Conan. A brilliant concoction of movie posters, stills, book covers, fantastic art and incredible timelines.

Author Roger Luckhurst, Mike Ashley, Michael Kerrigan, Matt Cardin, Dave Golder, Russ Thorne, Rosie Fletcher

Consultant editor S.T. Joshi

Foreword by Ramsey Campbell

Monstri ir reāli, arī spoki ir reāli. Viņi dzīvo mūsos, un dažreiz viņi uzvar. (Stīvens Kings.)

Tik liels visums, tik maz laika. (Terijs Pračets.)

Grāmatas, par kurām jau bija apraksts. Sērija, plus citas.

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