Autors - Agnese Dzērvīte. Dzejolis tapis literārajam konkursam LatCon 07 ietvaros.

Time passes by in strides of light
He’s wearing boots of thickest hide
A coat of air he pulls on tight
And on his head a crown shines bright

Time takes a step and stops to stare
His eyes go round, back n’ front and up n’ down
He sees what was, what is and what will be
In his hand he holds the only key



Time is running in an easy pace
He knows no one can take his place
His doings cannot be erased
For only he can open space

Time feels all being out and in
He is in every living thing
His crown declares him as our king
We all must bow and sing for him

Time does not have no pals or friends
He is a setter of new trends
There is just one thing he can stress
His job is full of loneliness