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George Mann. The Ghost.

Manhetenas spoki.

IEVADS PASAULES PIRMĀ STĪMPANKA SUPERVAROŅA PASAULĒ. 1926. Ņujorka. Rūcošie, divdesmitie gadi. Džezs. Atloki. Aizliegumi. Automašīnas ar akmeņoglēm. Aukstais karš ar Lielbritānijas impēriju, kas joprojām aptver pusi zemeslodes.


Kara spoki.

Ghosts of War picks up the story a month after the end of Ghosts of Manhattan. New York City is being plagued by a pack of ferocious brass raptors – strange, skeleton-like creations with bat-like wings that swoop out of the sky, attacking people and carrying them away into the night. The Ghost has been tracking these bizarre machines, and is close to finding their origin: a deranged military scientist who is slowly rebuilding himself as a machine. However, this scientist is not working alone, and his scheme involves more than a handful of abductions. He is part of a plot to escalate the cold war with Britain into a full-blown conflict, and he is building a weapon – a weapon that will fracture dimensional space and allow the monstrous creatures that live on the other side to spill through. He and his co-conspirators – a cabal of senators and businessmen who seek to benefit from the war – intend to harness these creatures and use them as a means to crush the British. But the Ghost knows only too well how dangerous these creatures can be, and the threat they represent not just to Britain, but the world. The Ghost’s efforts to put an end to the conspiracy bring him into an uneasy alliance with a male British spy, who is loose in Manhattan, protecting the interests of his country. He also has the unlikely assistance of Ginny, a drunken ex-lover and sharpshooter, who walks back into his life, having disappeared six years earlier in mysterious circumstances. Suffering from increasingly lucid flashbacks to WWI and subjected to rooftop chases, a battle with a mechanized madman, and the constant threat of airborne predators, and with the fate of the world hanging in the balance, can the Ghost derail the conspiracy and prevent the war with the British from escalating beyond control?


Karnakas spoki.

Things are quiet in New York. Unusually quiet. Gabriel – the Ghost – knows that something’s wrong. There’s a heat wave building for a start, and it feels as if the pressure’s getting unbearable. Something’s going to give.

When an expedition returns from Cairo to exhibit their finds at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gabriel takes a keen interest. An old friend and lover – a girl called Ginny, who he hasn’t seen for over a year – was part of the expedition.

Something’s not right with Ginny, however, and not just the fact she’s still drinking…something happened to her in Cairo, out on the dig. Something that’s related to a strange cult known as The Circle of Thoth, a baboon with a clockwork eye, dust devils on Fifth Avenue, robed assassins, sacrificial rites, a ‘resurrection machine’ and a ghostly figure clad in trailing bandages, seen floating over the rooftops of the city.

Ancient forces are stirring, and the Ghost, Ginny and Gabriel’s friend Donovan are caught right in the middle…


Impērijas spoki.

In the aftermath of the events seen in Ghosts of Karnak, and with the political climate somewhat eased, Gabriel takes Ginny to London by airship to recuperate. But he isn’t counting on coming face-to-face with a man who claims to embody the spirit of Albion itself, sinister forces gathering in the London Underground and an old ally – the British spy, Peter Rutherford – who could desperately use his help.



Džordžs Manns ir autors un redaktors, galvenokārt žanrā - fantastika. Viņš dzimis Darlingtonā, Dārhemas grāfistē 1978. gadā.

Bijušais Outland redaktors Manns ir filmas The Human Abstract autors, bet nesenāk The Affinity Bridge un Osiris Ritual viņa detektīvromāņu sērijās izdevniecībā Newbury and Hobbes, kas veidotas alternatīvā Lielbritānijā, un Manhetenas spoki, kas atrodas tajā pašā Visumā. gadu desmitiem vēlāk.

Viņš uzrakstīja laika mednieka romānu "Apdalītais cilvēks" un līdzautors sērijas finālam "Laika bērns".

Viņš ir arī uzrakstījis daudzus īsus stāstus, kā arī doktora Doctor Who un Šerloka Holmsa audiogrāmatas Big Finish Productions. Viņš ir rediģējis vairākas antoloģijas, tostarp The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, The Solaris Book of New Fantasy un retrospektīvu Sexton Blake stāstu kolekciju, Sexton Blake, Detektīvs ar Maikla Mūrkoka ievadu.


Fantastikas autoru lapā.


Krievu lapas biogrāfija.

Scenārists, redaktors, rakstnieks un komiksu autors „Doktors Kas” Visumā. Dzimis Darlingtonā, Dāremas grāfistē, Lielbritānijā, 1978. gada 22. decembrī. Strādā un dzīvo Notingemšīrā. Neskaitot grāmatas Doktora visumā, viņš ir noslēdzis kontraktu audio grāmatu scenārijiem par Šerloku Holmsu.
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